I am going to go a little Dennis Miller on everyone and throw out an obscure historical figure as an example to illustrate my point. Barack Obama reminded me of the Carthaginian general, Hannibal, in last night’s debate.

Hannibal lives in infamy for his take no prisoners style of warfare during the Punic Wars. He is known as one of the most brutal military figures in history. He was feared for burning entire cities to the ground and killing all prisoners. Driven by the a hatred for Rome that he shared with his father, he vowed to take revenge . He was the first real threat encountered by the seemingly invincible Roman Empire.

I swear so soon as age will permit…I will use fire and steel to arrest the destiny of Rome.

Obama has been waging a war with America, the new Roman Empire, since his childhood. He too has vowed to “arrest the destiny” of, or “fundamentally transform”, America. Looking at his results over the past four years, he has proven more successful at destroying the nation than any foreign army could ever dream. Like Hannibal, he has inherited a hatred for this nation from his father. Obama’s autobiographical book “Dreams From My Father” is verification of this fact in Obama’s own words.

Last nights debate revealed the hostility that Obama has for this nation. He used unethical, never seen before practices to win the debate against Romney.; not to mention having Crowley as his second in command. Even more disturbing, he has used his Presidency to subvert the Constitution and the rule of law to accomplish a Socialist/Communist hybrid form of governance. We have been steered into unknown and unfamiliar seas. Liberals are still beating their chests in celebration.

What Obama fails to realize is that Romney, while an imperfect candidate, resembles the Roman Army. The Romans were defeated in their battles against the scorched earth tactics of Hannibal. Knowing that they could not defeat him by staying on the defense, they eventually took the fight head on to Hannibal’s own country of Carthage. This proved to be Hannibal’s undoing. He had won the battles, but lost the war.

Despite the dirty tactics of Obama and the media,  (28 interruptions for Romney vs 9 for Obama and 9% more speaking time), polls show that undecided voters were turned toward Romney in last night’s debate. Let’s hope that Hofstra is the new Carthage.


I must confess, I have been so let down by the Republican Party that I didn’t expect much from Romney in last night’s debate. I was clinging to the hope, (with my free hand because I had my gun, religion and antipathy in the other) that Romney would surprise me. He came through- I am surprised and delighted. However, I can’t get rid of the nagging little feeling that it is all going to go horribly wrong.

The Democrats are already on the march today. They have coordinated a new attack on Romney. They are calling him “The new Romney”. Apparently, this “new” title is the explanation for Obama’s poor performance last night. Obama and his minions are claiming that Romney made up everything he said last night and that  this was the first time that they had heard any of it. Ergo- it was all news to Obama. Those of us that follow the campaign closely are left scratching our heads saying “Really? That’s all you got?”  Al Gore put more effort into his theory. He said that the altitude  was to blame. He scores points for creativity even though I think HE is the only one who is high.

Every liberal has a crazy theory as to “Why!?” Obama lost the debate. We all know that the real reason was that Obama did not prepare properly. He has been too busy pretending to be an A lister to perform any serious presidential duties. Even those pesky security briefings have had to take a back seat. The (gulp) “ladies” on The View, Jay-Z and David Letterman have jumped to the top of America’s priority list. I’m sure that all of the Ambassadors, Border Security Agents and Israelis will understand the important reasons for these choices. Hey, does anyone know exactly what those reasons are? I think I heard that Netanyahu had  something he wanted to talk to him about.

All of this aside, the best part about Romney winning the debate HAD to be watching the clips of the news anchors on NBC and MSNBC. NBC has become the theater of the absurd. My favorite meltdown came from Chris Mathews. If you haven’t seen it- you should track it down. The thrill up his leg is gone- for now. He acted like Veruca Salt when she was told she couldn’t have a squirrel.

Equally delicious was the interview of John Sununu by Mrs. Allen Greenspan, Andrea Mitchell. She  was apoplectic during the interview. During his debate analysis, Sununu said that he thought Obama lost because was “lazy” and disinterested in the debate process. She looked like the cat that ate the canary when she asked him if he wanted to take the wording back. The implication being that calling a black man lazy is racist. NBC uses the term “dog whistle” in reference to the hidden code of racism that only Republicans can hear. John refused to fall victim to this trap and said “No.”- he didn’t want to take it back. The segment ended with a priceless stink face from Andrea. She didn’t get a squirrel either.

For NBC, “racism” is the “Portlandia” equivalent to “Put a bird on it.” An added bonus- in the comments that accompanied the Mitchell clip, someone referred to her as “the broom that falls out of the closet every time you open it.” Poetry.

Tomorrow, I am certain that the glow of my new found optimism will fade. I fear the poison apple that is being prepared by the Obama Campaign. Romney has become our Prince Charming, our Obi-wan, our only human hope. Will his kiss be enough to break the spell of big government? Hmmm, all of this excitement is making me tired. Someone wake me in the morni….zzzzzzzzz.


I am starting to feel like John Nash in “A Beautiful Mind”. Maybe I am schizophrenic but I see Jimmy Carter EVERYWHERE. It came on slowly but now I can’t get rid of him.

The news of a secret video that exposes the deep, dark, thoughts of Mitt Romney broke today. Apparently, Romney has been hiding his opinion that 47% of voters will never be won over because they are on some kind of government assistance that they want to protect. While this may be shocking, can someone explain to me how it is untrue? But here’s the creepy part. The video was “discovered”, (Uh-hu- you mean donated and kept under wraps until the damning China ad gained traction.), by..wait for it…JAMES CARTER. James is the desperate for attention grandson of Jimmy.

This leads me to another Jimmy Carter moment. The Embassy attacks in Libya are more than just a reminder of the nightmare years of the Carter Administration; there is a real connection. America’s Ambassador to the U.N., Susan Rice, is the one who covered for the Obama Administration by insisting that the tragedy was caused by a ridiculous YouTube video seen by no one. Libya’s interim President, Mohammad el-Mergarif, released a statement that said this was false and that the attack was planned well in advance. Moreover, he claims that the U.S. had advance warning. These statements hold water, but here’s the Carter connection. Rice’s father Emmett, was appointed the Federal Reserve Board in 1979 by….Jimmy Carter.

There are other weird connections. They both have 11 letters in their names and a Nobel Peace Prize that they didn’t deserve. But I’m just starting to sound nuts. I know. Enough of this crazy talk. I’m off to the gas station to pump some four dollar a gallon gas into my car. I hope there isn’t a line. Jimmy, is that you?

Image Anyone with a splinter of common sense could have seen the events of today coming from a mile away. A mob of inflamed Muslims celebrating 9-11 scale the walls of our embassy. Nothing is done. Emboldened, the crowd is whipped up even further with the news that an obscure INTERNET movie that insults the prophet Mohamed has been made by a few Christian Americans. Our President apologizes for the insult on our behalf. (Thanks!) The embassy is then set on fire and our Ambassador is brutally murdered and his body dragged through the streets. In a show of weakness not seen since the Carter Administration, we have extended our hand in friendship and it has been ceremonially cut off. We are now forced to defend ourselves as a double amputee. Don’t be afraid- just repeat after me. “Yes We Can!” or, if you don’t speak English, “Si, Se Puede!” That should do it.

The scent of blood is in the air. We have a president who is so sympathetic to the religious tyranny of Islam, that he changed the mission statement of NASA from space exploration to a Muslim outreach program. Don’t believe me? Didn’t hear that news? Read the link below.


I am confident that no meaningful response will be made by President Obama. He might make the BOLD move of withdrawing aid from Egypt although I am not hopeful that even this little gesture will be made. Obama has bowed down too many times to straighten his back now.

This attack is not an isolated incident or anomaly. The absurdly titled “Arab Spring” was never about democracy, it was about a global Caliphate. There were attacks in Libya and Benghazi, all on 9-11; these were coordinated attacks. The apologies must stop. Record numbers of Christians have been “insulted” and slaughtered at the hands of Muslims. These shocking events went unreported and ignored by our Democrat controlled media.

War appears to be imminent even if we try to avoid it with intentional ignorance  Islam will not rest until the Infidel has been converted or annihilated. The black flag of Jihad has been raised on the American soil of our embassy. Its meaning, “[I testify that] there is no god (ilah) but Allah, and [I testify that] Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.” is clear to the followers of Islam. What this event means to us remains to be seen.

“Mom-In-Chief” Gives Uncle Sam the Keys to School Kitchens


Forget the war on drugs and Nancy Reagan’s battle cry of “Just say no.” There’s a new First Lady in town and a new drug that is even more insidious than crack. The Federal government is at the disposal of America’s “Mom-in-Chief” Michelle Obama, and she’s coming for your sugar bowl. She has taken up arms in the fight against fat kids, aka childhood obesity, and there is going to be hell to pay. Apparently, America’s parents can’t even be trusted to feed our own children. Never fear, you incompetent plebes, Hillary Clinton’s government village will save you. New Federal laws are on their way to save us from our addictions to sugar and freedom.

Like all modern First Ladies, Michelle Obama has taken up a cause to champion during her stay in the White House. What is different about Michelle’s cause is that she has transformed her didactic message into legislation.

Michelle will make a rare joint appearance with President Obama today at Harriet Tubman Elementary School as he signs the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 into law.

The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 is a little different than the first law proposed on the subject, The Healthy School Meals Act of 2010 (H.R. 4870), because it is far more reaching. The new law will add more names to welfare and government assistance programs like WIC and the School Meals Program. The law will allow access to Medicaid data and “directly certify eligible children.” When translated into English this means it will grow into another expensive entitlement program. There will be hundreds of thousands of children who will receive all of their meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, from the government.

Hillary Clinton’s award winning book “It Takes a Village” ushered in the era of passing legislation “for the children” but Michelle Obama has taken this idea and run amok with it. The following passage from a Hillary Clinton speech on the philosophy of her book, gives a chilling preview into the government model of parenthood. If you really want to know what the potential evil of this kind of legislation is, substitute the word “communism” for the words “the village.”

To many, this brave new world seems dehumanizing and inhospitable. It is not surprising, then,, that there is a yearning for the “good old days” as a refuge from the problems of the present. But by turning away, we blind ourselves to the continuing, evolving presence of the village in our lives, and its critical importance for how we live together. The village can no longer be defined as a place on a map, or as a list of people or organizations, but its essence remains the same: it is the network of values and relationships that support and affect our lives.

I find it interesting to note that all ideas of a “brave new world” are first accomplished by the production of cowering, dependant people.

Even more disturbing about the Healthy, Hungry-Free Kids Act is the laws ability to regulate ALL school food sales. This is how the law reads: “Removes junk food from schools by applying nutrition standards for all foods sold in schools.” This means an end to bake sales and candy bar fundraisers. There have been cries of foul from parents for impeding their kids’ ability to raise money for the big band trip or basketball tournament, but the law is more insidious than that. The government is usurping even more of the parental role. The message to kids is that your parents don’t know what’s best for you; they can’t even feed you properly.

These kinds of subversive laws are like a wedge in the family dynamic. Parents are no longer relied upon for education, care and now sustenance. Who needs them, right? Is the role of parents simply to breed children and then bunk them overnight like some Disney version of the Hotel California? The government is grooming a permanent slave class of useful idiots. The addictive drug being pushed is not crack or even sugar, but dependency.

Henry Kissinger was right when he said ”Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” This new law is guaranteed to stretch beyond its seemingly harmless and well intentioned limitations. When you couple it with the Food Safety Bill that was passed during the current Lame Duck session, you’re talking real power. Let this idea sink in for a moment: the government has seized control of what we eat through regulation.

The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 gives new meaning to the term “food poisoning.” As for me and my children, Michelle can have our Twinkies, when she pries them from our cold, dead hands.

Frankly My Dear Scarlett, Michelle, and Elizabeth- I Don’t Give a Damn!

POSTED ON MARCH 22 2010 8:30 AM

While nursing my developing ulcer today due to the vote for Communism, I mean Health Care Reform, I listened to a replay of  Thursday’s “Rush Limbaugh Show.” Rush was discussing the deal Obama made for Dennis Kucinich that this may have given his “yes” vote a little nudge.

His wife,  “Please let me be in your show” Elizabeth, will be working with Michelle Obama and liberal activist and sometimes actress, Scarlett Johansson on the cause de jour- childhood obesity. After a little additional research, I came across an article by Paul Bedard from “U.S. News and World Report”  that shows the effort by this trinity of libs involves not only good intentions but legislation. We are facing the possibility of what I will call “lunch legislation”.

Isn’t it cute how the Washington in-crowd can pull their wives together to save the world? I’m so proud to be an American. We should have a pageant for Washington wives, or maybe  they should star in “The Real Housewives of Washington D.C”- I would sooo watch that!

Anyway, Michelle, Elizabeth and Scarlett will be throwing their “weight”, pun intended, behind Democrat Representative George Miller’s proposed “Healthy School Meals Act of 2010″. If passed, this law will require schools to replace sugary, fatty foods, (not to mention milk!), with “plant based meals”.  I don’t know what that means exactly but it sounds like a lot more kids are going to go hungry in America. I can’t even get my kids to eat vegetables as a side-dish much less an entire meal. No word on whether or not the Obamas will give up eating imported Kobe beef. Soon, the government may be able to dovetail Health Care Reform with LAWS for healthy eating for our KIDS. All of you people out of a job should note that this is more important than your selfish desire for work;  fat kids come first.

It’s time to tell these self absorbed, manipulative women that enough is enough. Just like Rhett told Scarlet in “Gone with the Wind”, we must tell Michelle, Elizabeth and Scarlett that when it comes to laws telling parents what they are allowed to feed their kids-”We don’t give a Damn!”

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