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Mc Hammer 9

Anyone who follows politics, even just a little, is aware that America has lost its way. We used to be a shining city on a hill, a place where people were rewarded for dreaming big and working hard. Today, we are more like burning city on a hill. Our sorry state is reflected in the quality, (COUGH!),  of our political leaders who play kabuki theater, presenting only shadows dimly lit by the flames.

America is a victim of her own success. We have bought into the normalcy bias and believe that things will always stay as they are. We have seen the nation suffer from crisis’ like 9-11, the banking collapse, ObamaCare, and runaway debt into the trillions of dollars. Trillions….I can’t even imagine what a trillion dollar pile of money looks like. How long before we have to start using gazillions to count our debt? Despite these problems, and countless more, we have not suffered the consequences of our opulent lifestyle even though there are many who say that we will be like Greece or Europe within the decade. We can still buy food at the store and go to Starbucks so, hey, all is right with the world. Why bother with these kinds of doomsday scenarios when we can focus on Bruce Jenner and his gender identity issues? I mean, a decade is like, an eternity away. Selfie break. We are MC Hammer in golden pants singing “Can’t touch this!”

MC Hammer was the embodiment of the American Dream. He was a poor kid from Oakland, born into a single parent home with seven brothers and sisters, who rose to fame by dancing on the sidewalk at A’s games. He parlayed his success into a record deal and the rest is history. Back in the early 90’s, it was always Hammer Time and it seemed like it would stay that way forever. But things change. Nirvana and gangster rap arrived on the scene and their pessimistic, edgy style made Hammer look like a goofy, cartoon character. He tried to adjust and made a record that threw off his genie pants image and replaced it with a black bandana and street cred manufactured by Tupac.  Am I the only one who remembers “It’s All Good”? (Yes, my mind is scarred by pop culture). He was a sad imitation of Snoop Dog at this point and the reinvention of MC Hammer bombed. His popularity, wealth and fame dropped into the circular file of history. Sure he tried to make a comeback as recently as the mid two thousands when he rode the gust of “Gangnam Style” but that lasted as long as a Tootsie Pop. We are MC Hammer and Nirvana’s record has dropped. America is facing an election where it looks like we will have Hillary and Trump as our “champions”. Paul Ryan, who is a younger, paler version of John Bohener, has been anointed Speaker of the House, and we have raised the debt “ceiling”, lol, another trillion, but who’s counting. How do we avoid becoming irrelevant has-beens in Bankruptcy Court? The answer lies with Vanilla Ice.

This July 1, 2011 photo provided by the DIY Network, shows singer Rob Van Winkle, also know as Vanilla Ice, as he reviews plans of a home he's remodeling in Wellington, Fla. After Van Winkle's early 1990 stardom faded, he became heavily involved in real estate. Winkle is starting in

Alright, stop, collaborate and listen, Ice is back… with a new show and a second rise from rags to riches. Corny, I know but this is a pop culture parable, so bare with me. Vanilla Ice has risen from the ashes of being a national “Ice, Ice Baby” punch line and reinvented himself as a blue collar contractor. I watched his show, “The Vanilla Ice Project” on the DIY network with my kids. They had absolutely NO idea who he was, don’t worry, I filled them in. Anyhow, he is sitting on a pile of cash that he earned the old fashioned way. He rolled up his sleeves and got to work. He rebuilds and remodels outdated mansions and sells them for sizable profits. Do you see where I’m going with this? This is what our nation needs to do. It is time to stop falling victim to the whims of pop culture, no more dance fads, and get to work rebuilding what will soon be lost if not valued. We KNOW what makes America great. We KNOW that hard work works. The World is trying to drag us into Eurovision and our politicians think that they can sing and dance our way into success. We can’t. We need to rebuild. It is time to fire the managers and send the groupies home. It’s hammer, and nails, time!

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