This Week’s News- Song Dedications


They say that music is the “soundtrack of our lives”. I can think of several times when music has crystalized the events in my life. When Obama won re-election, I listened to “Cough Syrup” by Young the Giant, until the fog lifted, “The Voice” gave me refuge from the aftermath, and Sacred Music lifts my mind to thoughts of God during Mass. Music has become the poetry of the modern age. I have pulled back from writing about politics because it feels like an exercise in futility. But, like Michael in “The Godfather”, every time I try to get out, they pull me back in. I present to you the week in news via song dedications. Feel free to add your own in the comment box below.

Top Story: Obama Administration Justice Department Seizes AP Phone Records

The Press was up in arms this week when they learned that the Justice Department had seized two months of their phone records without notification or due process. We all know that this little squabble wont last. This is a love story, The Backstreet Boys said it best…the Press to Obama:

IRS Uses Power to Silence Tea Party and Conservative Groups

We learned that the IRS has been sending ALL requests for tax exempt status by Conservative groups to a “special” review board. The IRS has learned a few things from the TSA; this is like giving a full body strip search to Grandma. We will never know how much silencing conservative voices effected the 2012 election. Simon and Garfunkel:

Benghazi Whistle Blowers Reveal Cover Up by White House

The White House continues to deny that they sent Susan Rice out to lie to the American people about the Benghazi terrorist attack. They claim that they did not know it was terrorism in the days after the attack and chose to blame an anti-Islamic video. Whistle blowers have revealed this to be a lie, wrapped in a cover-up. This story makes a nice bookend with Fast and Furious. We will see if the Administration can deflect this scandal as well as the last. Maybe they are….

In the words of Paul Harvey….”Good day!”


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