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I, like many other Conservatives, used to LOVE Chris Christie. Watching him take on Unions and whining teachers making more than their fair share, transformed him from an overweight politician into Captain America in my eyes. He seemed like Obi-Wan- “our last hope”. Despite the growing cracks in his conservatism, many Conservatives lamented the fact that he refused to run for president in 2012. But, he had the class to admit that he wasn’t ready so all was forgiven. Then IT happened.

During that last week of the election, Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast. The Jersey Shore was left in shambles. Christie seemingly abandoned all politics to tend to his state while it was suffering. I was with him through all of this believing that this was proof that he had his priorities straight. The “IT” that I am referring to was not the hurricane. “IT” was the love fest that happened between Christie, Obama and Christie’s man crush, Bruce Springsteen.

Christie became a drooling lap dog for the Democrat Party during a critical point of the 2012 election. The election had been labeled the most crucial of our lifetime and arguably, the crossroad of our nation’s future. We were facing a hard turn to the Left if Obama won. “12” was our last opportunity to right the ship. I believe that Christie cuddling up to Obama was the iceberg that sunk the inevitable win by the “lesser of two evils”, Republican candidate, Mitt Romney. In fact, the entire election was turned by a single phone call. It went like this:

The president told me if I had one more minute, there was someone else he wanted me to talk to,” Christie told reporters at a press conference. “In times of real difficulty, he thought the only thing better than one Jersey guy was two Jersey guys, and he put Bruce Springsteen on the phone.

“Bruce said to me how proud he was of his state,” Christie said. “How proud he was and how tough we are. It was a good conversation today and it was great to talk to the president – and even better to talk to Bruce.”

Bruce Springsteen looked a lot like thirty pieces of silver that day, or maybe a kiss. All I know is that I felt betrayed and sold out. Even Chris Mathews acknowledged that Sandy and Christie’s praise for Obama changed the outcome of the election.

Chris Christie has no place in the Conservative movement. He deserves no platform unless he wants to make a formal apology. The Democrats have hoodwinked Republicans into thinking that we need to have a “big tent” approach to our politics and let everyone in if we ever hope to win another election. Anyone with half a brain knows this isn’t true. Just look at the Democrats. They circle the wagons around their ideology and speak with a unified voice…even when they are selling a lie like Obamacare or the current battle over the sham sufferings that they claim will occur over the sequester.

Conservatives are NOT Republicans. We need to protect the only working limb that can drag us out of the hole our nation has been thrown into. Allowing RINO’s to steal the spotlight at a serious forum like CPAC is suicide. I am edified that CPAC has the good sense to recognize this fact. Christie should go back to Jersey and help get the power back on for those who are still out in the cold. If he doesn’t like this option, he can always grab his air guitar and jam out to “Born in the USA”. It will be the perfect accompaniment to Obama’s fiddle playing.

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