Debate Analysis: Obama Is Our Carthaginian Hannibal

I am going to go a little Dennis Miller on everyone and throw out an obscure historical figure as an example to illustrate my point. Barack Obama reminded me of the Carthaginian general, Hannibal, in last night’s debate.

Hannibal lives in infamy for his take no prisoners style of warfare during the Punic Wars. He is known as one of the most brutal military figures in history. He was feared for burning entire cities to the ground and killing all prisoners. Driven by the a hatred for Rome that he shared with his father, he vowed to take revenge . He was the first real threat encountered by the seemingly invincible Roman Empire.

I swear so soon as age will permit…I will use fire and steel to arrest the destiny of Rome.

Obama has been waging a war with America, the new Roman Empire, since his childhood. He too has vowed to “arrest the destiny” of, or “fundamentally transform”, America. Looking at his results over the past four years, he has proven more successful at destroying the nation than any foreign army could ever dream. Like Hannibal, he has inherited a hatred for this nation from his father. Obama’s autobiographical book “Dreams From My Father” is verification of this fact in Obama’s own words.

Last nights debate revealed the hostility that Obama has for this nation. He used unethical, never seen before practices to win the debate against Romney.; not to mention having Crowley as his second in command. Even more disturbing, he has used his Presidency to subvert the Constitution and the rule of law to accomplish a Socialist/Communist hybrid form of governance. We have been steered into unknown and unfamiliar seas. Liberals are still beating their chests in celebration.

What Obama fails to realize is that Romney, while an imperfect candidate, resembles the Roman Army. The Romans were defeated in their battles against the scorched earth tactics of Hannibal. Knowing that they could not defeat him by staying on the defense, they eventually took the fight head on to Hannibal’s own country of Carthage. This proved to be Hannibal’s undoing. He had won the battles, but lost the war.

Despite the dirty tactics of Obama and the media,  (28 interruptions for Romney vs 9 for Obama and 9% more speaking time), polls show that undecided voters were turned toward Romney in last night’s debate. Let’s hope that Hofstra is the new Carthage.


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