Six Degrees of Separation: How Carter is Using Obama for Second Term Presidency


I am starting to feel like John Nash in “A Beautiful Mind”. Maybe I am schizophrenic but I see Jimmy Carter EVERYWHERE. It came on slowly but now I can’t get rid of him.

The news of a secret video that exposes the deep, dark, thoughts of Mitt Romney broke today. Apparently, Romney has been hiding his opinion that 47% of voters will never be won over because they are on some kind of government assistance that they want to protect. While this may be shocking, can someone explain to me how it is untrue? But here’s the creepy part. The video was “discovered”, (Uh-hu- you mean donated and kept under wraps until the damning China ad gained traction.), by..wait for it…JAMES CARTER. James is the desperate for attention grandson of Jimmy.

This leads me to another Jimmy Carter moment. The Embassy attacks in Libya are more than just a reminder of the nightmare years of the Carter Administration; there is a real connection. America’s Ambassador to the U.N., Susan Rice, is the one who covered for the Obama Administration by insisting that the tragedy was caused by a ridiculous YouTube video seen by no one. Libya’s interim President, Mohammad el-Mergarif, released a statement that said this was false and that the attack was planned well in advance. Moreover, he claims that the U.S. had advance warning. These statements hold water, but here’s the Carter connection. Rice’s father Emmett, was appointed the Federal Reserve Board in 1979 by….Jimmy Carter.

There are other weird connections. They both have 11 letters in their names and a Nobel Peace Prize that they didn’t deserve. But I’m just starting to sound nuts. I know. Enough of this crazy talk. I’m off to the gas station to pump some four dollar a gallon gas into my car. I hope there isn’t a line. Jimmy, is that you?


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