Did you enjoy your Arab Spring? Welcome to the season of War.

Image Anyone with a splinter of common sense could have seen the events of today coming from a mile away. A mob of inflamed Muslims celebrating 9-11 scale the walls of our embassy. Nothing is done. Emboldened, the crowd is whipped up even further with the news that an obscure INTERNET movie that insults the prophet Mohamed has been made by a few Christian Americans. Our President apologizes for the insult on our behalf. (Thanks!) The embassy is then set on fire and our Ambassador is brutally murdered and his body dragged through the streets. In a show of weakness not seen since the Carter Administration, we have extended our hand in friendship and it has been ceremonially cut off. We are now forced to defend ourselves as a double amputee. Don’t be afraid- just repeat after me. “Yes We Can!” or, if you don’t speak English, “Si, Se Puede!” That should do it.

The scent of blood is in the air. We have a president who is so sympathetic to the religious tyranny of Islam, that he changed the mission statement of NASA from space exploration to a Muslim outreach program. Don’t believe me? Didn’t hear that news? Read the link below.


I am confident that no meaningful response will be made by President Obama. He might make the BOLD move of withdrawing aid from Egypt although I am not hopeful that even this little gesture will be made. Obama has bowed down too many times to straighten his back now.

This attack is not an isolated incident or anomaly. The absurdly titled “Arab Spring” was never about democracy, it was about a global Caliphate. There were attacks in Libya and Benghazi, all on 9-11; these were coordinated attacks. The apologies must stop. Record numbers of Christians have been “insulted” and slaughtered at the hands of Muslims. These shocking events went unreported and ignored by our Democrat controlled media.

War appears to be imminent even if we try to avoid it with intentional ignorance  Islam will not rest until the Infidel has been converted or annihilated. The black flag of Jihad has been raised on the American soil of our embassy. Its meaning, “[I testify that] there is no god (ilah) but Allah, and [I testify that] Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.” is clear to the followers of Islam. What this event means to us remains to be seen.

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  1. You would think this would be front page press. Disappionted bu the media yet again.


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