White, Hispanic, Jewish, Cop Wannabe George Zimmerman- Boogeyman of The Coming Race War

If I were going to cast a boogeyman targeted toward the fears of the Black Community in the United States, I would have chosen George Zimmerman.  Zimmerman is the embodiment of all of the enemies targeted by the black intelligentsia rolled into one package; he is a half white, half hispanic, half “jew” who longed to be a cop.

Since the case started to blow up in media about three weeks ago, I have wondered:

1. Why did THIS particular story make it onto the national stage?

2. Why did the President choose to insert himself into THIS particular case?

3. Why was this turned into a story about white racism when the alleged perpetrator is half hispanic?

4. Who is organizing all of the marches and rallies?

It didn’t take long to find some interesting links that tie these questions together. The Martin story began as a local story until a “tip” was given to CBS news. The story took hold when NBC got involved in the coverage and played up the racial angle.

NBC has close ties to the Obama administration. NBC is owned by GE. GE was given 24.9 million dollars in stimulus money by the Obama Administration. Jeffrey Immelt is the CEO of GE and is the head of Obama’s Job Council. The following quote from an article by cnsnews.com titled:  Obama Administration Gave General Electric – Parent Company of NBC –$24.9 Million in “Stimulus” Grants makes the cause for suspicion even greater.

“In addition to the $24.9 million it received in stimulus grants, GE was also awarded $5 million in federal contracts under the economic stimulus law. These contracts were payment for services provided by the company.”

Even more damning is the fact that NBC was recently caught altering the 911 phone call made by George Zimmerman to make him appear to be a racist.


The involvement of the NAACP, Al Sharpton- who ALSO works for NBC, Jesse Jackson, SEIU and other shills for the Democrat Party also beg explanation. The whole genesis of this story is beginning to smell like community organizing.

Add to the fact that the Obama Administration has been caught manipulating a story with agent provocateurs in the Sandra Fluke birth control story, which he also inserted himself into, and there is grave cause for suspicion. Was this case cherry picked for political gain?

Dick Morris went so far as to accuse the Obama Administration of manipulating media coverage in order to create wedge issues to bring out his base for the November election. The evidence for the truth of this charge is mounting. Too bad that neither the media or the Justice Department are interested in crimes committed by members who share their political agenda.

A month in and the Martin case is still front page news. We are facing the potential of race riots and social unrest whipped up by the President, the leaders of the black community , The Black Panthers, and Marxist Union groups like SEIU.


We are being spoon fed propaganda and manipulation. All hands on deck. Please investigate this story and press- pun intended – for the truth. Citizen journalists are the last line of defense. We are at Helms Deep.


  1. This is why we rely on independent writers like you. “Crazy conspiracy theories” seem to hold more truth than the 6 o’clock news! I have a feeling the pot being stirred is in preparation for yet another smoke screen technique by the obama admin!


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