Hypocrisy Alert!! Catholic Church on Money Laundering Watch List While Obama Administration Funnels Billions to Unions and Corporate Supporters


Do you ever find yourself talking back to or even yelling at your radio? I’m starting to think that the guys out on the street corner who have conversations with the air aren’t so crazy after all; they must have been driven to it by listening to political news. Just when you think things can’t get any more surreal in this country, they do. Hearing that the Catholic Church, specifically the Vatican, was placed on the State Department’s watch list for money laundering set my hair on fire.

The State Department is headed by Hillary Clinton. She recently gave a speech on the “War on Women” which focused blame on GOP candidates and religious organizations. This speech was a thinly veiled criticism of Rick Santorum and the Catholic Church.


The Obama administration has been delivering blow after blow to the Catholic Church. They have attacked the organization at its heart by mandating coverage on contraception, sterilization, and abortion. In fact, new information has surfaced that exposes the fact that there will be NO opt out for conscientious objectors. People in states that do not opt out of abortion coverage, and most states have not, will be forced to charge members a one dollar a month fee specifically for abortion coverage.


Planned Parenthood has found their champion “money launderer”, President Obama. I will go to jail before I sign my name to a check that will annihilate a baby. It is the modern-day equivalent to thirty pieces of silver.

The hypocrisy meter jumps up when you consider the fact that the Obama administration has funneled money from the “Stimulous” and “Bailout” packages to fund Unions who in turn, fund him. The amount that has been laundered reaches into the trillions. Obama’s war chest is over a billion dollars, the largest amount in history.


This doesn’t even account for the multitudes of Wall Street banks and bankers that had Obama socialize their losses and privatize their gains. Don’t forget that John Corzine, who “lost” billions of dollars as the CEO of MF Global was Obama’s Chief Economic Advisor for the bailouts.


Add in the money that has been transferred to supporters like George Soros and GE CEO, Jeffery Immelt, under the guise of Green energy and you’re talking SERIOUS money. The Obama Administration needs to remove the plank out of its own eye before it can have a clear view of the splinter that rests in the eye of the Vatican. I’m pretty sure that the Vatican isn’t running guns into Mexico and that their true “offense” lies in the fact that they are a pebble in the shoe of the Progressive movement.

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