“Rush” to Judgement- How We Just Got Punked By Fluke and the Obama Administration

Listening to Rush Limbaugh throw out the word “slut” when referring to 30 year old Georgetown law student/ political plant, Sandra Fluke, last week reminded me of my days in grade school. It brought back the memory of that essential lesson in rhetoric that we all learned back then. You know the one, when you are losing an argument, call them a humiliating name and you win or at least tie. Not much has changed since I’ve grown up; albeit the consequences have.

Rush made a terrible misstep by using the supercharged, politically incorrect word “slut” when referring to Ms. Fluke. His intention and analysis were spot on but he didn’t take into account that it was all a set up. Fluke came right out of central casting for Obama Inc. Rush has been one upped in the name calling battle- he has been called a misogynist- a word that is rubber to his glue. Rush should have seen this one headed directly for the bullseye on his forehead. It might be time to untie the other half of your brain from behind your back Mr. Limbaugh.

Fluke is a thirty year old, self-proclaimed “Birth Control Advocate”  who CHOSE to go to Georgetown, a Catholic institution, in order to enact her agenda . My first thought when I heard this was “Birth Control Advocate? Is that what they call female Community Organizers?” Wherever there are newspeak titles, a communist agenda is not too far off.

Fluke was portrayed as an innocent bystander who just happened to get swept up in the ginned up birth control controversy begun when Obama mandated its coverage by the Catholic Church. The first reports I heard about Fluke were that she was 23 years old. There was a collective outcry from elites chiding anyone who criticized this “young woman”. They demanded our sympathy for her by asking the tear jerking question of “What if was YOUR daughter?” Well, if it was MY daughter, after recovering from the shock and shame of her demanding free birth control from religious organizations and tax payers, I would tell her that actions have consequences- even for liberals.

Incredible coincidence to have such a perfect foil to deflect the growing outrage of Catholics and social conservatives don’t you think? There are no coincidences in politics. Information is surfacing on Fluke and how she may have been an agent provocateur PLACED into the debate by none other than Mao loving, ex Obama Administration hack, Anita Dunn. I’m sure that Obama had Fluke’s number on speed dial when he called to make sure that she was “ok”.


Fluke was reported to be vacationing in California with her boyfriend this week during Spring Break.. I’m sure that this grown woman needed a break from moonlighting as a red cape for the Obama Administration. Her work has helped distract the nation from its impending doom and focus our ADD attention span on the smoke and mirror “threat” that the Catholic Church might take away birth control and wage a war on women.  Alinsky would be proud. Media Matters has labeled the claim that Fluke was a plant a “Conspiracy Theory”.


Do you think Mssss. Fluke remembered to bring her birth control pills on vacation? Poor little rich girl, I hope she didn’t have to pay for them herself.


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