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I wil never forget reading Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s book “The Gulag Archipelago”. It was the kind of book that you don’t want to read but you feel that you have to. Not “have to” in an assigned sense- but out of an obligation to all of the souls that suffered during the Communist takeover in Russia. I felt as though I owed them the opportunity to tell their story and try to prevent it from happening again.

100 million people perished in the pursuit of “fairness” and countless others slaved away years of their lives in the misery of forced labor camps. Russians jumped from the frying pan of the peasant class into the fire of the communist police state. Solzhenitsyn documents the nations descent into hell in graphic detail. While in the gulag system, he documented the unbelievable cruelty of his countrymen. The image of Alexander being placed in a small wooden box with thousands of hungry bed bugs has stayed with me and become the embodiment of communism.

“The Gulag Archipelago” was the first real look at the true face of communism. Solzhenitsyn smuggled his book out of Russia and changed the way the world thought about communism. There was no workers “paradise”- it had all been a lie. Russians had a new master far more cruel than the last. Alexander Solzhenitsyn explained the situation best during his famous 1974 commencement speech at Harvard and in the following quote from a speech he gave in 1975 at the AFL-CIO:

 “Communism has infected the whole world with the belief in the relativity of good and evil…  Among enlightened people it is considered rather awkward to use seriously such words as ‘good’ and ‘evil.’  Communism has managed to instill in all of us that these concepts are old-fashioned concepts and laughable.  But if we are to be deprived of the concepts of good and evil, what will be left?  Nothing but the manipulation of one another.  We will decline to the status of animals.
“That which is against Communism is for humanity.  To reject this inhuman Communist ideology is simply to be a human being…  It’s a protest of our souls against those who tell us to forget the concepts of good and  evil…
“I understand that you love freedom, but in our crowded world you have to pay a tax for freedom.  You cannot love freedom just for yourself and quietly agree to a situation where the majority of humanity over the greater part of the globe is being subjected to violence and oppression.
“Yet when one travels in your country and sees your free and independent life, all the dangers which I talked about today indeed seem imaginary.  I’ve come a talked to people, and I see this is so.  In your wide open spaces even I get a little infected.  The dangers seem a little imaginary.  On this continent it is hard to believe all the things that are happening in the world.  But gentlemen, this carefree life cannot continue in your country or in ours.  The fates of our two countries are going to be extremely difficult, and it is better to prepare for this beforehand…
“Two processes are occurring in the world today.  One is a process of spiritual liberation in the USSR and the other Communist countries.  The second is the assistance being extended by the West to the Communist rulers, a process of concessions, of détente, of yielding whole countries.
“We are slaves there from birth, but we are striving for freedom.  You however, were born free.  If so, then why do you help our slave owners?”

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The communist lie is that you will be subject to no one- not even God. The reality is that in order to find peace in this system you must offer worship to Big Brother. The state has made a golden calf of itself and anyone who dares to resist the deceitful promise of the workers paradise on earth will instead suffer hell on earth.

Political correctness and government regulation have become the million threads that bind us. We are Gulliver and the Lilliputians have become our master. The government has regulated us into slavery.

Communism is alive and well here in America. The Obama Administration has launched a full scale war on freedom and the capitalist system all in the name of safety and fairness. Obama revealed his true intentions for our nation in the following quote:

“We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times… and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK. That’s not leadership. That’s not going to happen.”
Barack Obama

This quote reveals everything that we need to know about Obama. Why can’t we drive our SUV’s and eat what we want? Why does the government get to tell us what to eat, feed our children, what car to drive, or who must pay the bill for such “services”? Obama wants America’s standard of living to be equal with the world. Despite our flaws, America has brought a higher standard of living, safety and freedom to the world. If America is brought down, there is no one to take our place. We will be equally powerless.

America is/was a unique country that valued personal responsibility, self-reliance and the rule of law. We have been twisted in so many knots through taxation and regulation that we are unrecognizable. America’s children can’t even sell lemonade without a license. The government has become the blob that devours everything in its path and grows larger, more powerful, and more predatory.

We are being consumed by our government. They have spent generations of money and forced us into a new moral code of political correctness through outrageous programs and regulations. For example, did you know that you can go to prison for selling orchids without government approval? You can’t give away food from your garden or milk from your cow either.

However, Americans must now fund abortions and birth control despite moral objections. They are trying to silence political and moral objectors in the name of “hate speech”. The Catholic Church is under attack and her bank accounts have been closed for their attempt at dissent. The Health Care mandate looms over our remaining freedom and will soon reveal the secrets that were inserted to benefit the Orwellian pigs in our government. Rush Limbaugh is being threatened with removal by the City Council of Los Angeles for spreading hate speech. The “Occupy” movement, spawned by Union thugs and Marxists, is promising to occupy our neighborhoods this spring in order to fight the abuses of the “1%”.  This is just the beginning. Ask the Chinese, the Germans, the Russians, the Cubans, or the Koreans where and how this will end.

We get the leader that we deserve, and now that we have driven God out of the public square, godless men have come to take His place. They will rule like all of the others who have attempted to take God’s place – in opposition to goodness. There is no such thing as darkness- it is only the result of the absence of light.



Do you ever find yourself talking back to or even yelling at your radio? I’m starting to think that the guys out on the street corner who have conversations with the air aren’t so crazy after all; they must have been driven to it by listening to political news. Just when you think things can’t get any more surreal in this country, they do. Hearing that the Catholic Church, specifically the Vatican, was placed on the State Department’s watch list for money laundering set my hair on fire.

The State Department is headed by Hillary Clinton. She recently gave a speech on the “War on Women” which focused blame on GOP candidates and religious organizations. This speech was a thinly veiled criticism of Rick Santorum and the Catholic Church.

The Obama administration has been delivering blow after blow to the Catholic Church. They have attacked the organization at its heart by mandating coverage on contraception, sterilization, and abortion. In fact, new information has surfaced that exposes the fact that there will be NO opt out for conscientious objectors. People in states that do not opt out of abortion coverage, and most states have not, will be forced to charge members a one dollar a month fee specifically for abortion coverage.

Planned Parenthood has found their champion “money launderer”, President Obama. I will go to jail before I sign my name to a check that will annihilate a baby. It is the modern-day equivalent to thirty pieces of silver.

The hypocrisy meter jumps up when you consider the fact that the Obama administration has funneled money from the “Stimulous” and “Bailout” packages to fund Unions who in turn, fund him. The amount that has been laundered reaches into the trillions. Obama’s war chest is over a billion dollars, the largest amount in history.

This doesn’t even account for the multitudes of Wall Street banks and bankers that had Obama socialize their losses and privatize their gains. Don’t forget that John Corzine, who “lost” billions of dollars as the CEO of MF Global was Obama’s Chief Economic Advisor for the bailouts.

Add in the money that has been transferred to supporters like George Soros and GE CEO, Jeffery Immelt, under the guise of Green energy and you’re talking SERIOUS money. The Obama Administration needs to remove the plank out of its own eye before it can have a clear view of the splinter that rests in the eye of the Vatican. I’m pretty sure that the Vatican isn’t running guns into Mexico and that their true “offense” lies in the fact that they are a pebble in the shoe of the Progressive movement.

Listening to Rush Limbaugh throw out the word “slut” when referring to 30 year old Georgetown law student/ political plant, Sandra Fluke, last week reminded me of my days in grade school. It brought back the memory of that essential lesson in rhetoric that we all learned back then. You know the one, when you are losing an argument, call them a humiliating name and you win or at least tie. Not much has changed since I’ve grown up; albeit the consequences have.

Rush made a terrible misstep by using the supercharged, politically incorrect word “slut” when referring to Ms. Fluke. His intention and analysis were spot on but he didn’t take into account that it was all a set up. Fluke came right out of central casting for Obama Inc. Rush has been one upped in the name calling battle- he has been called a misogynist- a word that is rubber to his glue. Rush should have seen this one headed directly for the bullseye on his forehead. It might be time to untie the other half of your brain from behind your back Mr. Limbaugh.

Fluke is a thirty year old, self-proclaimed “Birth Control Advocate”  who CHOSE to go to Georgetown, a Catholic institution, in order to enact her agenda . My first thought when I heard this was “Birth Control Advocate? Is that what they call female Community Organizers?” Wherever there are newspeak titles, a communist agenda is not too far off.

Fluke was portrayed as an innocent bystander who just happened to get swept up in the ginned up birth control controversy begun when Obama mandated its coverage by the Catholic Church. The first reports I heard about Fluke were that she was 23 years old. There was a collective outcry from elites chiding anyone who criticized this “young woman”. They demanded our sympathy for her by asking the tear jerking question of “What if was YOUR daughter?” Well, if it was MY daughter, after recovering from the shock and shame of her demanding free birth control from religious organizations and tax payers, I would tell her that actions have consequences- even for liberals.

Incredible coincidence to have such a perfect foil to deflect the growing outrage of Catholics and social conservatives don’t you think? There are no coincidences in politics. Information is surfacing on Fluke and how she may have been an agent provocateur PLACED into the debate by none other than Mao loving, ex Obama Administration hack, Anita Dunn. I’m sure that Obama had Fluke’s number on speed dial when he called to make sure that she was “ok”.

Fluke was reported to be vacationing in California with her boyfriend this week during Spring Break.. I’m sure that this grown woman needed a break from moonlighting as a red cape for the Obama Administration. Her work has helped distract the nation from its impending doom and focus our ADD attention span on the smoke and mirror “threat” that the Catholic Church might take away birth control and wage a war on women.  Alinsky would be proud. Media Matters has labeled the claim that Fluke was a plant a “Conspiracy Theory”.

Do you think Mssss. Fluke remembered to bring her birth control pills on vacation? Poor little rich girl, I hope she didn’t have to pay for them herself.

This post has been scrubbed from it’s original site of publication. I tracked it down and wanted to make sure it lived on. The title is a bit harsh- but I wanted people to think about the double standard.

Barack Obama Hates Black People

POSTED ON MAY 2 2010 3:00 PM

Let’s take a journey back in time. Do you remember when Hurricane Katrina happened and that intellectual giant, Kanye West, accused President Bush of not “liking” black people because of the slow response from the Federal Government? This charge stuck to Bush better than a leech from the Louisiana swamp; he’s still missing a few pints of blood from that “Heck of a job, Brownie!” comment.

Tragically, the “chocolate city” has been struck with another disaster. Several days ago, an explosion on an oil platform began spilling thousands of barrels of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico. It is believed that this spill will be worse than any other in American history, including the Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska.

The Federal Government has had all of this time to prepare for the impending arrival of oil to the most vulnerable parts of the Louisiana coast. Where have they been? Well, Obama was busy pushing for the Banking Reform Bill and he did have an important speech to deliver to Wall Street. Not to mention the one he gave for Earth Day. Memorizing speeches takes up a lot of time- oh, wait. Obama has yet to survey the damage. On April 29th, ABC News reported that Janet Napolitano declared the spill to have “national significance.” Heck of a job, Janet.

So far, Obama has placed the task of clean up, finance and compensation for the mess on the shoulders of British Petroleum. That’s well and good but shouldn’t we have mobilized every resource WE had to clean up the spill before it reached the coast? We live here. Is it wise to wait for an evil corporation to act in our best interest? We wasted an entire week. There were swat teams sent to check the safety of other oil rigs but where were the scientists, clean-up crews and chemical engineers needed to deal with the disaster at hand? Lousiana’s fishermen are offering their boats to assist with the clean up.

Did we just say skip it because it was not our fault? This is how children deal out blame and consequence but our government is charged with the responsibility of protecting our coast line no matter who made the mess. The only possible answer to why the government’s response was so slow, is that Barack Obama must hate black people.

On the bright side, at least Obama doesn’t have to follow up on that crazy idea of additional drilling in the Gulf. We can all rest assured that he takes the protection of our environment seriously. Seriously?

Green is the color all around me on my walk to Blue Lake.

Green, glowing in the reflection of eyes.

Green, of pine needles, of moss, of patches of grass.

Green, the smell of earth and tree sap, of deep breaths in and out- of sighs.

Perhaps the mind can recall some faint memory of Eden.

There is green in the twinkling stream that seeks food on its way to the hungry river, whose mighty tongue licks up sunlight whispering “More, more.”

Green is the color that peeks around tree trunks and beckons you onward.

Alas, measured daylight warns against another curious step, too long is the mountain climb.

I must descend backward to less lively colors, to dutiful colors of brown and grey, to man-made imitations, impersonations of color.

Yet green will glisten in my memory like a glossy postcard and I will take with me a memento of the forest; a river rock perhaps.

I will cherish it like a love letter until I reach the waters of the distant mountain lake- bathed in blue.


For my beautiful mother Jeanne.

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