Dems “Chamber of Secrets” a “House of Horrors”

  Democrats claimed to be making progress in their attempt to reconcile the House and Senate Health Care Bills. They have failed to uphold the Presidents promise to broadcast this procedure on C-SPAN. These negotiations are taking place in secret – unwatched by anyone who espouses an opposing view. Republicans have found chamber doors locked and negotiations taking place in the privacy of Senate offices; so much for transparency and “No taxation without representation.” What makes this secrecy even more egregious is that tax payer dollars have been used to buy the votes of coy Senators like Nelson (NE)  and Landrieu(LA). Landrieu will scoop up 300 million dollars for her state and Nelson maneuvered an exemption for his state to cover it’s own Medicare costs- which leaves the rest of us to pay their bill. The deals that have been stuck will make sure that this Frankenstein’s monster of legislation will haunt the American tax-payer for decades to come.

    We are being governed in the Soviet style of politics where the government does what is “best” for the unwashed masses regardless of what the people want or can afford. If successful, the Health Care Reform Bill will begin to bleed citizens of thousands of dollars FOUR YEARS before they are able to claim any FREE care. Moreover, for the first time in history, citizens will be forced by penalty of fines and/or imprisonment to make a purchase against their will. This is a grotesque misuse of power by our morbidly obese government. Our screams of  protest unnoticed by our “representatives”, we are left to scratch our heads and wonder what ever happened to the system of checks and balances put forth in our Constitution. Unfortunately, the dictators who masquerade as our public servants have made it clear that the U.S. Constitution is a document meant only for the benefit of Muslim terrorists.


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