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Airport security took a turn toward pornography this week due to the Christmas Day bombing attempt by a Muslim terrorist now known as “the pantie bomber”. The epic failures by the Department of  Homeland Security is leading officials to consider forcing all passengers to walk through a scanner that can see through your clothes. Those fears of being naked in public may soon be realized for anyone that chooses to fly. How much further are we willing to go in the name of safety and political correctness? We may be forced to submit to a government strip search because they refuse to do their job and profile for terrorists! Will we allow them to search our body cavities before each flight if this fails? Where does it end?

This new security measure is the litmus test for our future- it is a humiliation not to be borne. I remember asking myself why the Jews didn’t recognize the threat posed by the German government and leave when they were forced to wear a Star of David badge and walk in the gutters. I fear that we are at a similar crossroad in history-enduring humiliation reveals the weakness of the population and signals the government that they can be cowed into further submission. Unchecked power has never been used properly by ANY government.

The argument that you do not have a right to fly on an airplane, therefore you must submit to whatever measures are put in place or find other means of transportation,  is a red herring.  These measures are being forced on private airlines by government agency interference. When government marries business you have fascism. Moreover, the government is restricting the freedom of its citizens by requiring them to suspend their Constitutional rights in order to fly. We live in a society where air travel is an integral part of success and the pursuit of happiness. Being forced to walk through body scanners is an assumption of guilt by our government. There have been nearly no terrorist bombings by a non-Muslim American; yet we are all treated like citizens from Yemen or Pakistan. This facade of fairness will result in American lives lost. The only way to prevent terrorism is to look for terrorists. Profiling bottles of shampoo and toothpaste instead of people is not going to make us safer.

We live in a time where liberalism has run amok. We all know that the government is not serious about keeping us safe from terrorism and that these terrorists come from certain countries and one religion. Five percent of Muslims have been radicalized and because over a billion people worldwide are Muslim- this adds up to a sizable threat. While pushing for hate crimes legislation, Attorney General Eric Holder said that Americans who were white, Christian, racist, and/or anti-government posed an equal or greater threat to the safety of the nation…WHAT? Why does this man still have a job? In reference to the Christmas Day bombing attempt, Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano,  said that “The system worked.” It was a Dutch man climbing over rows of seats and pinning down the terrorist that saved people on Christmas Day. Does this mean that the system put in place with billions of tax-payer dollars for the safety of the nation is dependant on the random placement of flying Dutchmen? Napolitano still has her job as do all of the incompetent others who failed to do their jobs on this day. It is time to stop putting our trust in this failed government- do not give them any more of your liberty- you will never get it back. They are turning regulation into the shackles that bind. We can all speculate on the reasons for this abuse but the result will be the same- every aspect of our lives may soon be controlled by agents of the government. We must join together and refuse to submit to being scanned. Do not allow the government to lure us into the ghetto. We know where the journey ends.


I was listening to talk radio this morning over a steamy cup of coffee. The host was interviewing a guest who was speaking about the Baby Boom, X, and Y generations and how each was affecting the work place. That is when it hit me-the frustration I have felt toward the Boomers erupted to the surface. Like the Ghost of Christmas Past in “A Christmas Carol”, I feel summoned to show the generation before me the error of their ways before they lose their collective soul.

Christmas past-born in October of 1969, at the end of the “Summer of Love” , I am the child of Baby Boomers. I am the child born after my father returned home from Vietnam. Happily, my parents were not radical boomers, still, I am the heir of the Cultural Revolution of the 1960’s.  My generation has been dubbed “Generation X”- a term given to us by Douglas Copland in his 1991 book by the same title. Copland based his book on Jane Deverson’s study of British teenagers for “Women’s Own” Magazine. The study showed the teens to be the amoral children of their spiritually “enlightened” parents. We were said to have loose morals and a disregard for God and Country. (I wonder why?) Hence the term is one of disrespect and not of endearment. We are also called the “Baby Bust” due to our low numbers, and “The 13th Generation”, a number which is associated with evil. (Thanks a lot!)  

Now that I have shaken the bed covers, let me take the Boomers back to the scene of the collective childhood of the X’ers. We are the first generation of children to have our mother’s choose to abandon us to the work place. Our mother’s were also the first generation to “choose”  whether we lived or died- it was HER body after all ( Who knows what kind of force we could be if our parents had not practiced generational genocide on us).  After we survived birth control or abortion, we were summarily parked in front of T.V. screens waiting for our parents to return home from work. We are the latch-key kids who fell in love with “The Brady Bunch”. We are the forgotten generation who raised ourselves.

There was no institution left untouched by the Boomers “Cultural” Revolution. It was not cool or enough for Boomers to do as their parents had done; they wanted a revolution. We are all familiar with the lyrics from The Beatles song. Boomers destroyed all of the cultural institutions that they grew up with- the Church, the government, the family, education- I could go on. They were very busy making sure that our generation did not inherit one scrap of the past. Even gender roles were questioned during our childhood. Our generation does not have a natural connection to the past. We don’t identify with our historical relatives- all that we know of the past is what we have dug up in pre 1960’s books;  after which history was rewritten so as not to offend anyone.

It is time for the ghost of Christmas future to show its face. The current state of affairs is a sorry one- we are Tiny Tim and our future looks grim. The Boomers are faced with another mighty decision that will forever affect their children and grandchildren. Will they allow the government, which they never trusted in their youth, to continue to claim ownership of our lives? Will they allow their desire for subsidized Health Care and Social Security to enslave the other generations? Their numbers ensure that this decision rests with them. I hope that we find the prize-winning goose at our table next Christmas and not just the bill.

  Democrats claimed to be making progress in their attempt to reconcile the House and Senate Health Care Bills. They have failed to uphold the Presidents promise to broadcast this procedure on C-SPAN. These negotiations are taking place in secret – unwatched by anyone who espouses an opposing view. Republicans have found chamber doors locked and negotiations taking place in the privacy of Senate offices; so much for transparency and “No taxation without representation.” What makes this secrecy even more egregious is that tax payer dollars have been used to buy the votes of coy Senators like Nelson (NE)  and Landrieu(LA). Landrieu will scoop up 300 million dollars for her state and Nelson maneuvered an exemption for his state to cover it’s own Medicare costs- which leaves the rest of us to pay their bill. The deals that have been stuck will make sure that this Frankenstein’s monster of legislation will haunt the American tax-payer for decades to come.

    We are being governed in the Soviet style of politics where the government does what is “best” for the unwashed masses regardless of what the people want or can afford. If successful, the Health Care Reform Bill will begin to bleed citizens of thousands of dollars FOUR YEARS before they are able to claim any FREE care. Moreover, for the first time in history, citizens will be forced by penalty of fines and/or imprisonment to make a purchase against their will. This is a grotesque misuse of power by our morbidly obese government. Our screams of  protest unnoticed by our “representatives”, we are left to scratch our heads and wonder what ever happened to the system of checks and balances put forth in our Constitution. Unfortunately, the dictators who masquerade as our public servants have made it clear that the U.S. Constitution is a document meant only for the benefit of Muslim terrorists.

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