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When I heard that the Health Care Bill passed the House late Saturday night I thought that it was sneaky. More research into the matter revealed some disturbing symbolism. November 7th, the day the Bill passed, is also the date of the Communist Revolution in Russia. Is this a mere coincidence or a veiled threat. I would not be so perplexed if the Obama administration were not so packed with self-proclaimed Communist’s and those who praise Communist leaders and revolutions. There is no way that the importance of the date escaped those who have heaped praise on the likes of such murdering dictators as Mao Tse Tung, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. Reverend( I use the term loosely)Wright, Obama’s former Pastor for over 20 years, gave a speech for Monthly Review Magazine praising the communist publication for defending Marxist ideology. For Obama to claim ignorance for the communist leanings of his revolutionary administration,friends, council, family and his own past statements is a deception. Communists are not known for their truthfulness but they do share an insatiable lust for power and control.   

The husband of Mao praising Anita Dunn, Ron Bloom- up for a job as White House Council- also quoted Mao (he is on a first name basis with Mr. Tung) who said that power comes “from the barrel of a gun.” Looking at the transcripts of this speech, the quote wasn’t even relevant to the point he was making. Apparently, he just couldn’t help himself from throwing it in. What is the purpose of this quote? Are these “revolutionaries” prepared to use force against the American people? Before you discredit me for being reactionary- please question the purpose of this quote. The Weather Underground used physical force to try and overthrow our government in the 60’s. Now, Bill Aires, TWU co-founder is a powerful force in education and a comrade of Obama. (How is it that someone who planted bombs isn’t in prison!!) The details of their relationship reveal them to be more than neighbors or passing acquaintances, but like-minded individuals. Aires was behind the web of support that launched Obama into his current position and is the probable link between Obama and his second brain, Valerie Jared. Should we not take these people at their word? Should we not use their past actions as a gauge to what they will do in the future? We are being hoodwinked by people who have been steeped in communism for generations. Valerie Jared, attended communist indoctrination schools known as “little red schoolhouses”. Her parents and Bill Aires parents were close associates in the  “reform” of the nations schools. Communists know how important the indoctrination of young minds is to their success. It was Marx who said “Give me a child until he is five and he is mine forever.” If our school system taught history instead of politics, perhaps I wouldn’t be a whisper in the wind, warning against the coming storm.


The democrats have rubuked the republican party saying that we “eat our own” based on the ousting of RINO republican Scozzafava. Personally, I like to eat my RINO’s with Scozzafava beans and a nice bottle of Chianti.ffffffffffffffffffffffff.

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