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If I were going to cast a boogeyman targeted toward the fears of the Black Community in the United States, I would have chosen George Zimmerman.  Zimmerman is the embodiment of all of the enemies targeted by the black intelligentsia rolled into one package; he is a half white, half hispanic, half “jew” who longed to be a cop.

Since the case started to blow up in media about three weeks ago, I have wondered:

1. Why did THIS particular story make it onto the national stage?

2. Why did the President choose to insert himself into THIS particular case?

3. Why was this turned into a story about white racism when the alleged perpetrator is half hispanic?

4. Who is organizing all of the marches and rallies?

It didn’t take long to find some interesting links that tie these questions together. The Martin story began as a local story until…

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They say that music is the “soundtrack of our lives”. I can think of several times when music has crystalized the events in my life. When Obama won re-election, I listened to “Cough Syrup” by Young the Giant, until the fog lifted, “The Voice” gave me refuge from the aftermath, and Sacred Music lifts my mind to thoughts of God during Mass. Music has become the poetry of the modern age. I have pulled back from writing about politics because it feels like an exercise in futility. But, like Michael in “The Godfather”, every time I try to get out, they pull me back in. I present to you the week in news via song dedications. Feel free to add your own in the comment box below.

Top Story: Obama Administration Justice Department Seizes AP Phone Records

The Press was up in arms this week when they learned that the Justice Department had seized two months of their phone records without notification or due process. We all know that this little squabble wont last. This is a love story, The Backstreet Boys said it best…the Press to Obama:

IRS Uses Power to Silence Tea Party and Conservative Groups

We learned that the IRS has been sending ALL requests for tax exempt status by Conservative groups to a “special” review board. The IRS has learned a few things from the TSA; this is like giving a full body strip search to Grandma. We will never know how much silencing conservative voices effected the 2012 election. Simon and Garfunkel:

Benghazi Whistle Blowers Reveal Cover Up by White House

The White House continues to deny that they sent Susan Rice out to lie to the American people about the Benghazi terrorist attack. They claim that they did not know it was terrorism in the days after the attack and chose to blame an anti-Islamic video. Whistle blowers have revealed this to be a lie, wrapped in a cover-up. This story makes a nice bookend with Fast and Furious. We will see if the Administration can deflect this scandal as well as the last. Maybe they are….

In the words of Paul Harvey….”Good day!”


I, like many other Conservatives, used to LOVE Chris Christie. Watching him take on Unions and whining teachers making more than their fair share, transformed him from an overweight politician into Captain America in my eyes. He seemed like Obi-Wan- “our last hope”. Despite the growing cracks in his conservatism, many Conservatives lamented the fact that he refused to run for president in 2012. But, he had the class to admit that he wasn’t ready so all was forgiven. Then IT happened.

During that last week of the election, Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast. The Jersey Shore was left in shambles. Christie seemingly abandoned all politics to tend to his state while it was suffering. I was with him through all of this believing that this was proof that he had his priorities straight. The “IT” that I am referring to was not the hurricane. “IT” was the love fest that happened between Christie, Obama and Christie’s man crush, Bruce Springsteen.

Christie became a drooling lap dog for the Democrat Party during a critical point of the 2012 election. The election had been labeled the most crucial of our lifetime and arguably, the crossroad of our nation’s future. We were facing a hard turn to the Left if Obama won. “12” was our last opportunity to right the ship. I believe that Christie cuddling up to Obama was the iceberg that sunk the inevitable win by the “lesser of two evils”, Republican candidate, Mitt Romney. In fact, the entire election was turned by a single phone call. It went like this:

The president told me if I had one more minute, there was someone else he wanted me to talk to,” Christie told reporters at a press conference. “In times of real difficulty, he thought the only thing better than one Jersey guy was two Jersey guys, and he put Bruce Springsteen on the phone.

“Bruce said to me how proud he was of his state,” Christie said. “How proud he was and how tough we are. It was a good conversation today and it was great to talk to the president – and even better to talk to Bruce.”

Bruce Springsteen looked a lot like thirty pieces of silver that day, or maybe a kiss. All I know is that I felt betrayed and sold out. Even Chris Mathews acknowledged that Sandy and Christie’s praise for Obama changed the outcome of the election.


Chris Christie has no place in the Conservative movement. He deserves no platform unless he wants to make a formal apology. The Democrats have hoodwinked Republicans into thinking that we need to have a “big tent” approach to our politics and let everyone in if we ever hope to win another election. Anyone with half a brain knows this isn’t true. Just look at the Democrats. They circle the wagons around their ideology and speak with a unified voice…even when they are selling a lie like Obamacare or the current battle over the sham sufferings that they claim will occur over the sequester.

Conservatives are NOT Republicans. We need to protect the only working limb that can drag us out of the hole our nation has been thrown into. Allowing RINO’s to steal the spotlight at a serious forum like CPAC is suicide. I am edified that CPAC has the good sense to recognize this fact. Christie should go back to Jersey and help get the power back on for those who are still out in the cold. If he doesn’t like this option, he can always grab his air guitar and jam out to “Born in the USA”. It will be the perfect accompaniment to Obama’s fiddle playing.

I’m not ashamed to admit it, I went on a bad one after the election. I had hoped that the country would turn in a new direction and was shocked when the voters doubled down and gave Barack Obama a second term. I cried in my coffee the next day. I felt the optimism drain from my body. I didn’t want to care anymore, it hurt too much. So I did what I could to cope. I bought a pack of cigarettes, (I don’t smoke), and tuned in to reality T.V. in an attempt to tune out.

For me, the state of American politics had become embodied by the image of Nancy Pelosi carrying that freakishly large gavel after the Heath Care Reform Bill was forced through via Deem and Pass aka “Demon Pass”. I have four more years of “In your face sucka.” governing to look forward to. “Yippie.”  I want the blue pill. Hook me back up to the Matrix please.

“The Voice” would be my new Republic. The people were nicer, better looking and the choices they made on the show didn’t affect me. I put the kids to bed and waited for my husband to fall asleep. I put on my pjs and fuzzy socks and crept  into the kitchen to my computer. I couldn’t let my family know that my wound was so deep that I had turned to reality television. It felt GREAT to escape the stress of trying to convince the world to see things my way. I had always seen myself as a warrior against the swell of Communism, now I felt like the last Samurai. But something happened to me in those two hours that I watched the show. My optimism was stoked by what I witnessed. I think America is going to be ok. Here’s why.

The first thing that struck me about “The Voice” was how they chose their contestants. The contestants on the show where picked by blind audition. The celebrity judges were only allowed to hear them. Therefore, they were judged on the merits of their talent and nothing else. It is a process that I have never seen in either the entertainment business or the real world for that matter. I mean, rewarding someone based on their merit! Who does that??

Also, the singers that made it through were wildly diverse in race, age, weight- in fact you name it. It looked like The Great American Melting Pot cartoon from School House Rock had come to life. There may even have been a Republican!  The judges themselves are diverse as well. You have artists from Rock, Pop, Soul, and Country genres that coach the newbies. The coaching that they give the contestants has a humanizing effect on them. They become real people with something to contribute rather than self-absorbed idols wanting adoration, money and Cristal- not that I’m stereotyping…much.

My favorite contestant is a black woman who sings like Whitney Houston and is equally as pretty. She has a voice that rivals Whitney’s and Christina Aguilera’s but she likes to sing rock. Her performance of Aerosmith’s anthem “Dream On” was nothing short of epic. Talk about breaking free from political correctness and stereotypes! I have seen a lot of things that I didn’t expect on this show. My hope is that is a microcosm of the changing nature of our country.

Can you imagine a world where people are not judged by the color of their skin but the content of their character? A world where merit is rewarded? Where people are free to express and pursue the gifts that God gave them? What a concept. All of this is starting to make me think those jokes about making the political process a reality show might not be that crazy after all. Watching failed politicians win re-election and the nation drown in a sea of trouble and debt makes me think our current system can’t get any more absurd.

Why not give it a try? What do we have to lose? Instead of letting politicians fiddle while Rome burns- let’s make them sing.

I am going to go a little Dennis Miller on everyone and throw out an obscure historical figure as an example to illustrate my point. Barack Obama reminded me of the Carthaginian general, Hannibal, in last night’s debate.

Hannibal lives in infamy for his take no prisoners style of warfare during the Punic Wars. He is known as one of the most brutal military figures in history. He was feared for burning entire cities to the ground and killing all prisoners. Driven by the a hatred for Rome that he shared with his father, he vowed to take revenge . He was the first real threat encountered by the seemingly invincible Roman Empire.

I swear so soon as age will permit…I will use fire and steel to arrest the destiny of Rome.

Obama has been waging a war with America, the new Roman Empire, since his childhood. He too has vowed to “arrest the destiny” of, or “fundamentally transform”, America. Looking at his results over the past four years, he has proven more successful at destroying the nation than any foreign army could ever dream. Like Hannibal, he has inherited a hatred for this nation from his father. Obama’s autobiographical book “Dreams From My Father” is verification of this fact in Obama’s own words.

Last nights debate revealed the hostility that Obama has for this nation. He used unethical, never seen before practices to win the debate against Romney.; not to mention having Crowley as his second in command. Even more disturbing, he has used his Presidency to subvert the Constitution and the rule of law to accomplish a Socialist/Communist hybrid form of governance. We have been steered into unknown and unfamiliar seas. Liberals are still beating their chests in celebration.

What Obama fails to realize is that Romney, while an imperfect candidate, resembles the Roman Army. The Romans were defeated in their battles against the scorched earth tactics of Hannibal. Knowing that they could not defeat him by staying on the defense, they eventually took the fight head on to Hannibal’s own country of Carthage. This proved to be Hannibal’s undoing. He had won the battles, but lost the war.

Despite the dirty tactics of Obama and the media,  (28 interruptions for Romney vs 9 for Obama and 9% more speaking time), polls show that undecided voters were turned toward Romney in last night’s debate. Let’s hope that Hofstra is the new Carthage.

I must confess, I have been so let down by the Republican Party that I didn’t expect much from Romney in last night’s debate. I was clinging to the hope, (with my free hand because I had my gun, religion and antipathy in the other) that Romney would surprise me. He came through- I am surprised and delighted. However, I can’t get rid of the nagging little feeling that it is all going to go horribly wrong.

The Democrats are already on the march today. They have coordinated a new attack on Romney. They are calling him “The new Romney”. Apparently, this “new” title is the explanation for Obama’s poor performance last night. Obama and his minions are claiming that Romney made up everything he said last night and that  this was the first time that they had heard any of it. Ergo- it was all news to Obama. Those of us that follow the campaign closely are left scratching our heads saying “Really? That’s all you got?”  Al Gore put more effort into his theory. He said that the altitude  was to blame. He scores points for creativity even though I think HE is the only one who is high.

Every liberal has a crazy theory as to “Why!?” Obama lost the debate. We all know that the real reason was that Obama did not prepare properly. He has been too busy pretending to be an A lister to perform any serious presidential duties. Even those pesky security briefings have had to take a back seat. The (gulp) “ladies” on The View, Jay-Z and David Letterman have jumped to the top of America’s priority list. I’m sure that all of the Ambassadors, Border Security Agents and Israelis will understand the important reasons for these choices. Hey, does anyone know exactly what those reasons are? I think I heard that Netanyahu had  something he wanted to talk to him about.

All of this aside, the best part about Romney winning the debate HAD to be watching the clips of the news anchors on NBC and MSNBC. NBC has become the theater of the absurd. My favorite meltdown came from Chris Mathews. If you haven’t seen it- you should track it down. The thrill up his leg is gone- for now. He acted like Veruca Salt when she was told she couldn’t have a squirrel.

Equally delicious was the interview of John Sununu by Mrs. Allen Greenspan, Andrea Mitchell. She  was apoplectic during the interview. During his debate analysis, Sununu said that he thought Obama lost because was “lazy” and disinterested in the debate process. She looked like the cat that ate the canary when she asked him if he wanted to take the wording back. The implication being that calling a black man lazy is racist. NBC uses the term “dog whistle” in reference to the hidden code of racism that only Republicans can hear. John refused to fall victim to this trap and said “No.”- he didn’t want to take it back. The segment ended with a priceless stink face from Andrea. She didn’t get a squirrel either.

For NBC, “racism” is the “Portlandia” equivalent to “Put a bird on it.” An added bonus- in the comments that accompanied the Mitchell clip, someone referred to her as “the broom that falls out of the closet every time you open it.” Poetry.

Tomorrow, I am certain that the glow of my new found optimism will fade. I fear the poison apple that is being prepared by the Obama Campaign. Romney has become our Prince Charming, our Obi-wan, our only human hope. Will his kiss be enough to break the spell of big government? Hmmm, all of this excitement is making me tired. Someone wake me in the morni….zzzzzzzzz.


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